Secret Santa🎄

Secret Santa

Festivities are time to cosy up, celebrate and rejoice. It is also the time for surprises, gifts and happiness. Let’s get a bit of surprises in our life.✨🎄

Come & celebrate with us.

Watch this space from 13th – 24th Dec. Unveil new surprises every day at 16:00pm Ist Hrs.

Happy Holidays from Almitra Tattva Team.

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About the founders

Almitra Tattva is Anamika’s creation after she was born as a mother. She believes that a woman’s creative enzymes are at its peak when she undergoes the process of giving birth to a child, and that is one of the most powerful phase that could happen to her. Every parent would think of the best nurture and care that they could give to their baby and what best it could be when you create them for your babies. With the same feeling Almitra Tattva was born.
An honours in Philosophy she grew up learning Descartes and Hume, and is a die hard fan of Kahlil Gibran and the name Almitra is inspired from his writing and Tattva means elements of nature which she feels inspires her all the time. Almitra Tattva’s studio is one such inspiration mostly built up with natural resources where a barren place could convert to a green spot amidst a hustling city.
Having a keen interest in art and the intriguing art forms spread in different walks of life in India she converted her need of Babywearing in an interesting journey to learn and share and give Indian art a global babywearing platform.
Supported by her family , her husband Biplab Dutta took a step to become the first male Babywearing certified consultant of India, his childhood memories makes a beautiful portrait of his grandmother always wearing him.
Their son Neo is the most important foundation of Almitra Tattva, right now cherishing his childhood bare feet, with animals , nature and teaching his parents at every step the beauty of natural parenting.

About the Team and Company

A constant effort to support and keep hand skills alive is what Almitra Tattva strives for. We are known for supporting art, culture and providing an ethical work environment to the team who contributes to all that makes Almitra Tattva.
India is known for the treasure it beholds, and the exquisite fabrics it has, but at the same time the looms are getting lesser day by day. We try our best to create more and save our loom industry.
Our carriers are safety tested, ergonomic and we use baby safe dyes as we care for the ones you care !