General Queries

Yes it can be used by both males and females and for baby boys and girls.

Yes you can nurse in all the gears mentioned.

Yes it is safe if worn correctly by following the manual and video links.

Yes it ergonomic, and provides the most comfortable wide base and M position for the babies.

Most of the woven are soft in our collection, a few would require break in.

We use natural dyes, there can be occasions where the color may bleed, advisable to use a color lock while washing.

All of our products have a manual, you need to follow the same.

You can return a product and get it exchanged within 7 days of receipt only if there is a Manufacturing defect. Your product will be replaced in next 7 working days once we receive the product from you. There will be no cash back for the same. However you can opt for a credit note*

Woven Wraps

Woven wrap is a wrap used to wear your baby with ease and comfort, it is extremely sturdy as it is a woven fabric. It is cooler and sturdier than a Stretchy Wrap and can carry more weight. Most of the woven wraps are toddler worthy. It is a long fabric used for wrapping babies.

Sizing of Woven Wrap

size 2 –  2.7 meters

size 3 –  3.1 meters

size 4 –  3.6 meters

size 5 –  4.1 meters

size 6 –  4.6 meters*

size 7 –  5.1 meters*

Almitra woven wraps are a bit longish for Size 6, we do maintain a size of 5 meters to adapt to various styles of wrapping and body make

Different sizes depend upon the body make and also styles of wrapping you want to use. If you are of a slender make you may go for Size 3 and if you are at the heavier side may go for Size 6 or Size 7, however universally Size 6 is the most versatile of all wrap sizes as it gives you the freedom to experiment and use different wrapping styles

The famous carries are

  • Front Cross Carry
  • Kangaroo Carry
  • Double Hammock Back Carry
  • Ruck Sack Carry

And you can add more to this list.

Woven wraps can be used from the time your baby is born, would suggest a thinner 100% cotton wrap for a new born.

We offer the following blends:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Linen and Cotton
  • Jute and Silk
  • 100% Silk
  • Cotton and Viscose

Wraps may have a steeper learning curve, it also depends upon your life style, but woven wraps are the most favorite universally for its sturdy nature and the versatility it offers in terms of various carries.

Woven wrap is a long fabric, and rest of the gears are either semi structured or buckled

Meh Dais

Meh Dai is an Asian inspired baby wearing carrier. It is a rectangular cloth with belts to tie. It has shoulder and waist belts to knot.

A Meh Dai is a semi structured carrier with belts to tie. A SSC is a buckled carrier.

A Meh Dai is a lighter and cooler option, most of the SSCs are bulkier.

All Almitra Meh Dais have a cushioned neck support. Some of the Meh Dais in our collection do come with hoods in addition to the neck support which gives extra stability.

  • Trendy Broad Spread Shoulder Meh Dais
  • Wrap Converted Pleated Shoulder Meh Dais
  • Reversible Meh Dais
  • Padded Meh Dais
  • Designer Collections
  • Toddler Meh Dais

Almitra Meh Dai can be used upto 15 kgs. The hand woven Wrap Converted Meh Dais are all toddler Worthy.

A WCMT is a Meh Dai made of a Woven Wrap, hence sturdier and has the beauty of a wrap. It also has wrap like broad shoulder so it gives you the extra support and covers your back like a wrap. You can still get a similar wrap feel with this semi structured Meh Dai.

All our Meh Dais are 100% cotton. We use Cotton Drill or Hand Woven Wraps.

Meh Dais are a lighter and Cooler option than SSCs, the unpadded Meh Dais are pretty breezy.

Almitra Meh Dai comes in standard size and toddler size.

We do keep long belts so that the wearer of all sizes can wrap or tie easily.

  • Front Carry
  • Back Carry (recommended for toddlers)
  • Hip Carry

Rings Slings

Ring Slings are one shouldered carrier like slings. It has a learning curve but the easiest to use once you master it. It is for someone who wants an easy carrier, mostly used for short distances. Its extremely easy to move the baby for different carries in a Ring Sling.

Pleated shouldered double layered Ring Slings

Hand Woven Ring Slings

  • A free size with a long tail
  • Medium Size for more compact look

Both of the above have a tail good enough to be used as a cover if needed

These are aluminum big size rings especially certified for the purpose of Ring Slings.

We recommend upto 15 kgs, but please note that as the baby becomes heavier the shoulder tends to hurt if used for very long durations.

We do not recommend back carry in Ring Slings

We use 100% cotton.