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It has a dark aqua color which seems to give a petroleum-like gleam to it. One can’t help but get lost in its authentic Jamawar design of distinct paisleys of vivid colors namely golden and teal. What makes it stand out from others is the heart motifs which are gracefully arranged over the tessellated hexagon like columns bordered with paisleys. You will be surprised by how breathable and sturdy this wrap is and how it makes caring so easy.

When you come across Cashmere Collection you’re bound to experience Magic, see Beauty and feel Love. It has our finest and exclusive collection of wraps.

  • Woven Wrap
  • Dark Aqua Color
  • 100% Wool (85% Merino, 15 % Cashmere)
  • Size 3-7
  • Butter-Soft and Ready To Use
  • Toddler Worthy
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3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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28 reviews for Cashmere Collection –

  1. Natalie Lannatewitz

    I got Phirozi when my little one wasn’t that little, anymore. When it first arrived, I was honestly skeptical, because it was so thin, but when wearing her in it, I was amazed. Not only does the wrap provide very good support, it is also unbelievably cushy and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend it for bigger kids, too!

  2. Leila Eilola

    Beautiful wrap!

  3. Monika

    It’s amazing wrap! My favourite 🙂

  4. Aleksandra Witczak

    Hello lovelies 🙂 Had this wrap on wrap exchange and it’s just lovely, love the qualities of wool – brilliant for summer and winter.

  5. Ali Kunde

    I love this wrap! So soft and luxurious, passes glide into place with ease. Sturdy enough for my toddler. Can’t say enough good things about Almitra Tattva wraps and carriers.

  6. Esther

    I call this my oil slick beauty 😃😃 bought this a couple of years ago. Besides from its beauty, this wrap is quiet stubborn and refuses to slide out of place, it just stays put. Very easy to use.

  7. Tina

    I have not had luck to try this wrap for a longer time, but I have to agree with the others, this wrap is truly special! So strong and soft.

  8. Ania

    Beautiful, soft wrap <3

  9. Freja

    This is my go to wrap since I got it, when my little one was about nine months old, and it is still my favourite now at 13 months! The wool makes sure we don’t overheat, as we are both warm – and keeps us warm and cuddly when outside in the cold.

    It was soft and easy to wrap right from the start – no break-in needed! And no itching from the wool.

  10. Denes Iulia

    Such a great wrap!

  11. Tanja Marie Hellegaard

    I currently have Phirozi on a visit here with me and my squish, and we absolutely love it. Its soft and thin to the touch, but so strong. Its just wraps around my baby and I like a cloud. I am going to have a hard time returning it to its owner. I am definetly getting my own Phirozi, I can’t imagine my life without it.

  12. Patricija

    This wrap is stoning! I don’t have it but I had an opportunity to wear my baby boy in one wich I borrowed from my friend:) it is soft and very easy to use, strong and beautiful 😍

  13. Karolina

    Phirozi was our second wrap, I got it when my Little One was 3 Months Old, now she’s almost a toddler and among other our wraps Phirozi is mine and hers favourite! My Baby loves Phirozi – its the only wrap that cuddles her during sickness and brings a lot of sleeping dust. My personal review is that Phirozi is the best wrap I ever had. Its cushy, easy to wear,thin but strong its comfortable – we live in temperate climate, in Phirozi I can wear my Baby in winter and in summer (I can babywear in Phirozi my Baby in Wintersuit – its impossible to use other wraps while Phirozi doesnt slide on smooth material 🙂

  14. Klaudia Hrkac

    I love this wrap. It is soft and great for babies and also strong for toddlers. 🙂

  15. Gasnier Laureanne

    What a wrap! What a brand! Phirozi is thin but mighty. Beautiful colors, really nice pattern. Definitly a brand to know, to try…to fall in love with 😉
    Almitra offre de jolies écharpes a des prix abordables pour les mordues du portage. Des écharpes qui évoluent avec le bébé en simple puis double couche. C’est vraiment un très bon investissement.

  16. ROEDER Anais

    J’ai testé l’echarpe D’une amie qui avait investi.
    Magnifique motifs et à nouer, un vrai plaisir. Malgré tout, une écharpe abordable!
    Bref à recommander aux parents voulant investir dans une belle écharpe.

  17. sshacchi


  18. Bányai Amanda

    Gyönyörű kidolgozású, könnyed, mégis erős kendő! a pici babát és a húsz kilogramm fölötti négy évest is szuperül tartja! Nem bántam meg, hogy megvásároltam!

  19. kassu938 (verified owner)


  20. Ylva sofie Larsen

    This wrap is so soft, yet supportive. I can’t recomend it highly enough. Cushy and beautiful. One of the few wraps i Will never sell. When my wrapping Days are over I’m keeping it as a scarf, and for granchildren ❤️Can’t praise it highly enough!

  21. Aina

    I want it, the colores are waw!!

  22. Anna Maria Wesołowska

    Fantastyczna chusta 🙂 miękka i puchata, idealna na lato. Do tego jej kolory, piękne i nieoczywiste, na każdym zdjęciu wygląda inaczej 🙂 Poprostu cudna! Polecam

  23. Inez (verified owner)

    This wrap was here on a holiday. But I still mis this wrap! Beautiful, soft and strong!

  24. Monica Alfaro Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This wrap is absolutely stunning! It’s love with my 12 month old baby. Our first wool wrap and first Almitra purchase! We also have Kullu Arunee and both are wonderful. Shipping is fast and prices make these works of art affordable. I’m still waiting for an all cream wool wrap! Lovely company.

  25. Ela Silvana Lucht (verified owner)

    Nigdy nie myślałam, że w świecie chust trafię na coś, co będę chciała mieć w każdym dostępnym wzorze, podchodziłam do tematu raczej praktycznie. Aż trafiłam na chusty Almitra i przepadłam. Piękne wzory i kolory sprawiają, że uśmiecham się od ucha do ucha i czuję się, jakbym trafiła do magicznego świata. Ale piękny wygląd to nie wszystko. Miałam okazję testować Phirozi i się zakochałam. Mięciutka, bardzo nośna mimo tego, że cienka, po prostu cudo. Sprawiła, że postanowiłam przyłożyć się bardziej do nauki wiązania, żeby móc używać chust jak najdłużej. Marzę o chuście z kolekcji kaszmirowej, może pewnego dnia będzie moja. A póki co czekam na kółkową Auronee.

  26. KLAUDIA DEREBECKA (verified owner)

    It was love for the first time. I have this wrap for 3 years and I use it for my second baby now. Phirozi is amazing: soft, strong and beautiful. I will never sell it!

  27. Andrea (verified owner)

    Es ist mein 2. Tuch von Almitra und ich liebe es.
    Mein Kleinkind ebenso.
    Es ist wunderbar weich, dünn und trotzdem stabil. Lässt sich super Tagen und binden.

    Die Farben sind wunderschön. Schöner wie auf den Bildern.

  28. Sascha Maria Nielsen (verified owner)

    The moment I first saw this wrap I knew it was a diso!
    Shipping took a week, but the joy was big when it arrived. So thin, so strong, so soft and oh so beautiful and filled with magic sleepydust <3

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