Sapphire Yoga Baby Carrier – Cashmere Collection


“Sapphire”, she said. “It would adorn my fingers . There is something about this deep blue which tosses me in the sky and talks to me about the depth of the sea, makes me feel limitless ! I don’t know why I like to feel royal on a mundane day without a crown on my head, while greasing my hands fixing my car !“

Because something is Royal about being mundane at times, and while we were weaving our yarns , we stumbled on a clolorway which just made us special in its own way. The deep Sapphire would actually drift us leaving a trippy effect on the looms , its dark, its deep and yes its Royal enough.
The traditional Jamawar ( strewn flower design from the lands from Kashmir ) yet again subtly brings gold to any textile and is complimenting the carrier in all ways ! Introducing a gem of a carrier  “Sapphire”

The SSC’s are wrap converted so the designs may not be standard, they will have the elements of the wrap.



-100% Wool (85% Merino, 15 % Cashmere)

– Suitable for newborns (8 lb) to toddlers (45 lb)

-Easy to adjust buckles and Minifyer to resize the body..

-Lightweight & Cushioned shoulder padding for optimal support

-Adjustable height & width for babies of all sizes

-Large, adjustable hood for sleeping, nursing etc.

-Seat darts for a comfortable, ergonomic seat

-Supportive, contoured waist belt for all waist sizes.

-Breathable & lightweight


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Customer Reviews

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Valentina Shevina (Maardu, EE)
Our family absolute favorite ❤️

Since we received our baby carrier, it immediately became our new favorite! By the way, it came only in two weeks! When my husband asked me why I ordered carrier from India (not from local store), I answered that, first of all, it is because of magnificent fabric. And, secondly, why not, because it is good in every aspect. I'm in love with this silky smooth and soft wool, which doesn't even feel like wool, and I'm again in love with gorgeous noble, slightly dusty blue and beige color combination. It fits with everything. Super padded everywhere! I am very thankful for this padding, because I feel only softness everywhere, nothing press or cut my shoulders or waist, whether I carry my baby on the back, side or in the front.
Moreover, my husband has neglected all the carriers and wraps I have, but suprisingly this one became his favorite carry as well. Now he goes to walk with baby only with this carry. Good bye our stroller and other carries😄
Not to mention our baby girl, who is definitely wraps and carrier type, not stroller type baby. This carry became favorite everywhere, whether to go walking, shopping or just to be with mom or dad, while they are doing some homework. This seat is big enough to sit in outerwear and very soft and skin friendly to sit just in one diaper. And again, thanks to this delicate and breathable wool, it feels so cozy inside the seat, never hot or cold, just perfect! When it comes to teething and our baby struggles with sleeping, I put her to this carry and she falls asleep in one minute.
I am so happy to have this carry and our family is very thankful to Anamika and all Almitra Tattwa team for their brilliant work!

Beatrice (Santa Clara, US)
Almost perfect carrier

So I really wanted to love this carrier but had a tough time carrying my newborn baby in it. The leg position just did not work for us and I found it a bit difficult to put baby in carrier. Now that my baby is a few months old I am liking the yoga more and more. It’s soft and there are no buckles bothering the baby. The hood is fantastic and there is plenty of airflow. Baby feels secure and is happy!

Alina Kossek (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Wonderful soft and cuddly

The carrier is wonderful soft and cozy. The colors are incredible! I’m personally not much fan of carriers but this one is so nice! I will recommend it in my carrier advisement! Thank you!

Lydia Diart (Munich, DE)
Very nice

Top product, i like it 👍