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Some tales never leave you, one of those has been about this little girl called Nilofer with a scarf covering her ears tied under her chin, carrying a lamb in her arms. Nilofer comes out from my childhood textbook, she was a little girl from Algeria who spoke about peace, and her memories etched in my heart. I used to love the way her name sounded and also wondered how her Country looked like.

Almitra has been a representation of all such memories which spoke about distant places, and here is Nilofer who speaks only about Love and Peace from a far distant land, a girl so young but with a grit so strong.
This one is for the Loving Fearless Nilofer

Its varied dark and light shades highlight the woven patterns in equal richness, uniqueness, and luxury. The textile is cozy, cushy, and visually captivating with threads of Eri Silk bringing an unreal sheen to the wool and Cotton.


-Woven Wrap

-Available in Size 5,6 & 7

-Creamish White & Deep Blue Color

-Blended Wool

-Butter-Soft and Ready to Use

-Toddler Worthy


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Size 5, Size 6, Size 7