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Pema flaunts an exquisite Kullu design of unique geometric patterns and a tasteful composition of vivid colors. Its softness makes it ideal for babies and its sturdiness makes it toddler worthy. It becomes fluffier after wash and will surely be your everyday use wrap due to its lightness and manageability. It can be carried easily in the pouch and an ideal wrap for travel.

Kullu is one of our hot favorites and comes to you from the valleys of Kullu in India. Kullu Collection guarantees to be one of the softest wraps that you would have ever come across.

  • Woven Wrap
  • Mix of Pink, Black, Sky Blue and Beige
  • 100% Cotton
  • Size 6
  • Butter-Soft and Ready To Use
  • Toddler Worthy

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Customer Reviews

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Isidora Kosić

I am still waiting for my baby to arrive, but at the first touch I can say this wrap will be great for newborn! I love the colors (actually more beautiful then in pics if that is possible). I can't wait to wrap my baby but I will have to try it with my 3yo also. Softness of this wrap from the start is just unbelievable. I'm in love :)


Bellissima fascia dai colori fantastici!!!

Dijana Morankić

This most interesting wrap I’ve tried so far. At first touch my thoughts were “Oh my, this is incredebly softly”. Wrap is ready to wear, soft and cushy, perfect for wraping smaller baby. At the same time, it gives great support for toddler who is around 12kg. My girl prefers front carries, but we managed to try back carry and my shoulders and back were thankful for trying this wrap.

Jasmina Hadziosmanovic

This was the first wrap I ever tried. It was so soft and comfortable. After that I only wanted to try more.

Anela Paparevic- Felegyhazi

This is the softest wrap I wrapped ever in my life! Toddler worthy but great for small babies as well. It is like a cloud on shoulders with my 10kg toddler, easy to tighten and stays in place. In person looks even more beautiful than on photos. It is a perfect wrap even for beginners, I highly recommend it!