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Earth and Fire shades just glide easily on the wrap making geometric patterns of the unique Kullu design. Its softness makes it ideal for babies and its sturdiness makes it toddler worthy. It becomes fluffier after wash and will surely be your everyday use wrap due to its lightness and manageability. It can be carried easily in the pouch making it an ideal wrap for travel.

Kullu is one of our hot favorites and comes to you from the valleys of Kullu in India. Kullu Collection guarantees to be one of the softest wraps that you would have ever come across.

  • Woven Wrap
  • Earth and Fire Shades
  • 100% Cotton
  • Size 6
  • Butter-Soft and Ready To Use
  • Toddler Worthy

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Customer Reviews

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Mette Rose

Thin, soft and SO strong! I carried 15 kg toddler in this without a problem, and yet it’s so soft and floppy, it’s perfect for newborns too <3

Stefania Salerno

I want it!! When back on stock??? Please!

Nina Nemec

This is absolutly the best wrap I've ever had! It's thin, soft and strong enough to hold my 12kg toddler. And it looks amaizing! I'm in love :D I'm considering this one to be my final wrap cos, honistly, I can't imagine anything better then this one!!!

Katarzyna Bilska

I wish it be back on stock. So beautiful and suits to me perfectly!!!