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The game was set, and she was not ready to leave, it was not about winning or losing, but was about staying stead. Her eyes slowly moved from the deck to the cards that she still held in her hands. She knew she was the Ace no matter what!!
Introducing “Ishkabon” 
This design is inspired from rustic streets of East of India where we still hear laughter on a lazy afternoon over a deck of cards where each one would like to hold the Ace of Spade. “Ishkabon” ( Spade ) makes her way to you to hold a special place no doubt !
This is one of our finest and premium releases, we worked on this design for quite sometime to reach something that could hold our hearts. We are still unsure if we like the reversible side or the correct side of this wrap. The textile is cosy, cushy  and visually captivating with threads of Eri Silk bringing an unreal sheen to the wool and Cotton.
  • Woven Wrap
  • Creamish White Color
  • Blended Wool
  • Butter-Soft and Ready To Use
  • Toddler Worthy

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