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Incredible India –
Pink Imperia


The caravan of the elephants and camels towards their abode, in a beautiful pink and deep blue combination, weaved in a wrap amidst intrinsic patterns and entwined paisleys is all set. Its an extremely sturdy and breathable wrap ensuring safety and comfort for you and your child. Pink Imperia is also a reversible wrap contrasting the colors.

Incredible India Collection represents the authentic Indian designs which speak about the beauty of our land.

  • Woven Wrap
  • Pink and Deep Blue
  • 100% Cotton
  • Size 6
  • Butter-Soft and Ready To Use
  • Toddler Worthy

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2 reviews for Incredible India –
Pink Imperia

  1. Ditte Szalontay

    I purchased the Turquoise Imperia (100% cotton) for my twins back in 2015. It was my first woven wrap I ever bought from new.
    It followed my from the very first months of the twins life, and we still use it from time to time now that the twins just turned 3y of age.
    It is one of the strongest and most breathable wraps I have ever tried! It distributes the weight of the boys evenly – I can even wear the boys for more than 4+ hours! It is amazing! I have decided to keep my T.I. forever, since it has so much value for me, and when it is too worn out, it will turn in to pillowcases for the couch.. I cannot bear the thought of getting rid of it one day! But first I will need it for the next child, when I become pregnant again.
    My Turquoise Imperia changed my life! Thank you SO SO much for making these wonderful, colourful and absolutely amazing wraps!

  2. Marion Peltier

    Amoureuse de ma Marisa, j’ai eu envie de tester les belles cotons réputé aussi fines et soutenantes que les caschemire et bien aucun regret. Elle est en effet d’une douceur et d’une finesse hyper agréable ! Elle se noue tout aussi facilement et reste bien en place.
    Les motif sont vraiment très beau. C’est bn la troisième Almitra que je teste et vraiment merci à cette marque pour ces beautés

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