Fern Green Yoga Baby Carrier – Khadi Collection


“If we have the ‘khadi spirit’ in us, we would surround ourselves with simplicity in every walk of life” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

This Almitra Yoga Baby Carrier features the Khadi blend, which is a handspun fabric made from the natural fibers of cotton. The weave of this fabric makes it an all season wear as it keeps you warm during the winters and cool during the summers. The blend of earthy color tone and the subtle nature of Khadi fabric gives this Yoga Baby Carrier a simplistic yet stylish appeal.

Almitra Tattva Yoga Baby Carriers comes with a promise and that is to make you feel empowered & liberated as you take on your parenting responsibilities. With attention to detail the carriers are structured to meet your needs and provide a comforting Babywearing experience. Yoga Carriers have the warmth of the finest fabrics, a supportive structure for safety and they are easy to strap on, which makes them ideal to throw on when you are on the go or for long wearing hours. Our carriers are safety tested, ergonomic and we use baby safe dyes as we care for the ones you care!

– Blend: Khadi Cotton (Handspun Cotton)

-Suitable for newborns (8 lb)to toddlers (45 lb)

-Easy to adjust buckles and Minifyer to resize the body.

-Lightweight & Cushioned shoulder padding for optimal support

-Adjustable height & width for babies of all sizes

-Large, adjustable hood for sleeping, nursing etc.

-Seat darts for a comfortable, ergonomic seat

-Supportive, contoured waist belt for all waist sizes.

-Breathable & lightweight



– Body panel (excl. waistband):  37 cm Tall * 40 cm width

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