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Known for its prominent Paisley Motifs with ditzy patterns of Floral, this beauty has an eye-catching view of an authentic Jamwar design. With an exotic mix of colors like Vermilion, Gold, and Blue this wrap is rich in its color composition. Filled with Softness, your child will feel cocooned in this fluffy wrap. Nowhere does it fall short in rendering a safe and a supportive carry.

When you come across Cashmere Collection you’re bound to experience Magic, see Beauty and feel Love. It has our finest and exclusive collection of wraps.

  • Woven Wrap
  • Mix of Vermilion, Gold, and Blue Color
  • 100% Wool (85% Merino, 15 % Cashmere)
  • Size 6
  • Butter-Soft and Ready To Use
  • Toddler Worthy
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7 reviews for Cashmere Collection – Gaajri

  1. Ana Herceg- Jaklenec

    Hard to describe this wrap… It’s thin, soft, cuddly, yet supportive. It’s beautiful. Just like all the Almitras. I dreamed of owning one, and now I do!!! And I want more!!! Love the way colours change in the light.

  2. Gaila

    So thin and soft, but strong from the wool. Perfect with the littlest babe due to the thin floppiness, but the strong cushy wool easily holds up to my 35-lb toddler-monster as well!

    There is just the right amount of texture for passes to move and tighten easily as you’re wrapping, and then stay exactly put until you are ready to unwrap. And the colors are beautiful, looking anywhere from a complex dark pink to rich red depending on the lighting.

  3. Miekske Dingens

    Loving the design, the colour and the blend. So soft! <3 Ideal to carry our son. I love to carry him, because it makes our bond stronger

  4. Lauren Calvert

    This wrap is truly stunning. It was perfect for my tiny squish. Supportive and oh so pretty!

  5. Johanne Hansen

    This wrap is one of my favorite things in the whole world! So supportive and cushy on the shoulders, warm, soft and cuddly ❤ perfect for our Scandinavian winter weather, with the yummy wool and beautiful deep colors to bring some joy to the dark and grey days.
    It wraps easily, and because of the wooll-fibres, it locks in place and doesn’t slide, I love that!

    I have loved this wrap since the day it arrived in my doorstep, and will forever treasure the memories of carrying my sleeping baby close to my heart ❤

  6. Maria Monrad

    My daughter was 10 months when i bought gaarji. A Heavy 10 months old. Eventhough the wrap is amazingly Thin it felt like a cloud when wearing her. It is the most beautiful wrap and it is so thin and light that it is easy to stuff in your purse “just in case”. Only problem for me was my Extreme dryness on my Hands Got stuck in the woolen fibres.

  7. Michela

    Questa fascia è fantastica, morbidissima e piacevole al tatto ma forte e super sostenitiva. Ha tenuto al caldo coccole e nanne nelle passeggiate invernali, sono sicura che continueremo ad usarla in primavera. Ora il mio bimbo pesa 9kg e in questa fascia stiamo benissimo, si lega molto facilmente e la si sente comoda subito anche se a legarla non sono mani esperte. Se parliamo dei colori poi… Stupendi, dal vivo e da vicino molto più che in foto. Se potete, prendetela, provatela…ve ne innamorerete!!

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