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Kalapi is an Indian name for a peacock in a poetic form.The wrap is soft and flaunts a pair of very modernly artistic peacocks facing each other. The art on the wrap beautifully captures the traditional peacock in a geometric pattern, which adds to the beauty. It has a light creme base and beautiful blue threads weave the design.

As these wraps are hand woven any shift of threads, knots or nubs is not considered as a flaw but as a beauty of hand wovens, also this would not affect the functionality of the wrap.

Hand Wovens are special to us as we believe that weaving is a form of meditation, it’s beautiful to see the colors blend, the threads unite and become a strong wrap to embrace a baby yet to be born or the one who is just waiting to be a part of this wonderful world.

  • Hand Woven
  • Blue and White Colors
  • 100% Cotton
  • Size 6
  • Toddler Worthy
  • Butter-Soft and Ready to Use

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  1. Melody Lozano

    This wrap is AMAZING! It wraps a little short because it’s super super thick. Which is fine because it’s the absolute BEST ruck I have ever tried and I’ve tried hundreds of wraps over the years. I measured and weighed and got 456gsm! Which for me is a DREAM!
    It’s easy to wrap with but the texture gives it enough grip to lock into place. Ita absolutely gorgeous too. The threads are so chunky and the weave is lose making it thick but airy for its weight. It’s earned it’s place as one of my top ten favorite wraps.

  2. Freja

    I only tried it briefly, but was taken it by the wrapping qualities of this wrap! My little one felt light as a feather and the wrap stayed exactly where it was tied.

  3. Johanna Laitinen (verified owner)

    The sweetest beast. Kalapi is one of the thickest and chunkiest, heaviest woven wraps I’ve ever tried. Yet it is the most comfortable chunky beast I’ve ever worn. It feels like heavy cotton balls in hand. I usually use multilayer carries with my 20 kg toddler but with Kalapi basic ruck with waist and chest belt is perfect. It’s grippy so it’s a perfect outdoor wrap when you wear over slippy outdoor clothing. Kalapi is so gorgeous and every toddlerwearing mama should try it at least once <3 .

  4. Magdslena (verified owner)

    My Love name is Kalapi❤❤❤OMG Wrap😇

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