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Azrak- Handwoven


Introducing Azrak, a gracefully designed handwoven beauty. The unique composition of this wrap represents the world of those artisans who painstakingly with attention to detail weave and breathe such designs to life. This handwoven art-work like all our other handwoven’s is distinct from the other & has a mark of its own. When it comes to color composition, there’s always nature’s hand in it and Azrak has colors inspired by nature like Sea Green, Dark Blue, and Mild Yellow. This analogous color scheme creates an eye-catching view on this wrap. Azrak brings more joy to your carrying moments with its softness and sturdiness which makes caring and carrying easy.

Hand Wovens are special to us as we believe that weaving is a form of meditation, it’s beautiful to see the colors blend, the threads unite and become a strong wrap to embrace a baby yet to be born or the one who is just waiting to be a part of this wonderful world.

  • Hand Woven
  • Mix of Sea Green, Dark Blue & Mild Yellow
  • 100% Cotton
  • Size 6
  • Toddler Worth
  • Butter-Soft and Ready to Use

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