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Cashmere Collection – Pink Coral


A beautiful mix of pink, purple and blue this wrap has an outstanding pink hue which would also reflect a lighter magenta shade at times. It displays a graceful Jamawar artwork composing of Paisley’s and ditzy patterns of Floral which is central to this design. It’s a multi-toned wrap and known to look different surprising you pleasantly in different lightings. It comes with its ease to carry which makes caring easier.

When you come across Cashmere Collection you’re bound to experience Magic, see Beauty and feel Love. It has our finest and exclusive collection of wraps.

  • Woven Wrap
  • Mix Pink, Purple and Blue Colors
  • 100% Wool (85% Merino, 15 % Cashmere)
  • Size 6
  • Butter-Soft and Ready To Use
  • Toddler Worthy

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