Wrapsody Collection- Burgundy
Wrapsody Collection- BurgundyWrapsody Collection- Burgundy

Wrapshody- Burgundy


Wrapshody series brings you the softest wraps from all our Collections. This 100% bamboo viscose wrap gives you the silk feel and is airy and breathable. The satin feel of the wrap makes it feel like another skin for new borns and babies for new borns and babies. The wrap is a combination of Burgundy color and has a reversible side of a creme gold hue. The work/art on the wrap is traditional Jamawar art seen on Pashmina shawls too, the art comprises of floral and intricate paisleys woven vividly throughout the wrap pattern. We would recommend this wrap for new borns and babies. The wrap is a bit pull prone but would not affect the functionality in any manner. This one can be your flaunt or luxury wrap and ideal for special occasions.

  • 100%  Bamboo Viscose
  • Size 6
  • 193 gsm

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