Sreema Deepak

From India | Almitra Kullu Bohemia Babywearer

Trying a Woven Wrap was a potential “To Do” in my book. Thats when I exactly won this awesome woven wrap in a Give away. The kulu bohemia is an awesome print which anybody can go gaga for.
The material is 100% cotton so its kind of thinner and easy to wrap even for beginners

Love love love the sturdiness of the wrap inspite of feeling buttery soft.
I have a size 6 wrap which definetly is a great choice for a heavier built lady like me.
The knots tie up so securely for the quality of the wrap itself is tightly woven.
One more advantage is that the wrap is so soft out of the box so doesn’t require multiple washes to break the fabric.
The wrap is 100% cotton and thoroughly breathable but may get sweatier during hot summer days. So trying with v.minimal clothes on the baby worked awesome for us..
On the whole I lovvvvvve the wrap